19(?) Year Old Thon Maker Impresses in NBA Debut with 15 Points, 13 Rebounds & Clutch Defense

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Thon Maker

Days before the NBA draft, the age of former Ballislife All-American co-MVP Thon Maker became a big issue. Is he really 19? Is he over 21? Is he 20 freaking 3!? The only number that really mattered was 10 because 10th is where the Milwaukee Bucks drafted the big 7’1″ Sudanese-Australian-teen-maybe-adult I’ve been posting and raving about for years.

And on Friday, Thon made his NBA debut in the Las Vegas Summer League against the Cavs and had 15 points, 13 boards, a steal and 2 clutch blocks in the final 2 minutes of the win.

“His block late in the game was incredible,” said Bucks summer league coach Sean Sweeney. “I thought equally important, we asked him to pressure the ball and he got a turnover there. So two big plays defensively.”

He did miss 9 of his 15 shots but 4 of those misses were 3-point attempts I’m not so sure he should be so comfortable taking – although he did finish 2nd in our All-American 3-Point shooting contest. But in time, I do believe he will develop a more consistent shot – maybe when he’s 21…or 23 if he’s already 21. So how damn tall are you Thon?

Well there you go, straight from the Bucks’ mouth. Now feel free to reply with Bad Boys 2 memes. Just kidding Thon!