1987: Dominique Wilkins scores 46 vs the Jazz (Double pump dunk on 7’4 Mark Eaton)

Did you know the Utah Jazz drafted Dominique Wilkins with the 3rd pick in the 1982 draft and traded him for John Drew (who?), Freeman Williams (who?) and a million dollars? Now that sounds like one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history. But on that same day, they made one of the best decisions in franchise history when they drafted 7’4 shot-blocking master Mark Eaton with the 72nd pick in the draft.

5 year later, the two draft picks of the Utah Jazz shared a memorable moment when Nique threw down (1:44 mark of the above video) one of the best dunks of the 80s: a double pump dunk past Mark Eaton. If you watch the rest of the video, you will see Nique score 44 more points in this throwback classic from 87. The Human Highlight Film also had 7 rebounds 4 steals and 3 assists to go with his 46 points.

As for the losing Jazz, the Mailman had a solid 31 and 17, while Dr Dunkenstien and Thurl Bailey contributed 60 total points off the bench.

Back to that trade in 1982, if they would have kept Nique then who knows if they would have still of drafted John Stockton in 1983 and Karl Malone in 1984. Or, who knows, maybe they would have still ended up with those 2 unappreciated greats along with Nique and all 3 would have won that much deserved championship. What I do know is all 3 are legends and although the duo of Stockton and Malone never delivered a championship, they did deliver almost 2 decades of joy to the city of Utah.


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