1988: Michael Jordan 52 points & 9 steals (8 In 1st Half) Vs The Celtics

1988 Throwback: Michael Jordan has scored 50+ points 38 times in his career, so offensive explosions like this one against Boston doesn’t sound that amazing. But, when you score 50, block 2 shots and get 9 steals against the Bird/McHale/Parish Celtics, then it’s something worth revisiting and talking about. As for those 9 steals, I don’t know what’s more shocking: 1 in the 2nd half or an NBA record 8 in the first half?

In the last 30 years, there have only been 11 instances of a player scoring 50 and getting 5 steals and 5 of those instances came from Jordan. Iverson has 2 and Kobe, Corey Brewer, Damian Lillard, and Anthony Davis have the other 4. Even more impressive, one of those games by MJ was 56 and 8 and another was 64 and 5!

And some people actually question if the 9 x All-Defense 1st teamer and 10 x scoring champ deserves to be called the GOAT.