1990 NBA GM Survey: Surprising results?

I enjoyed watching Magic Johnson & the Lakers in the late 80s but I didn't become a die hard NBA fan until 1989 when Hoops trading cards came out & David Robinson was taking over the league. So reading over this GM survey from 90 brought back memories of how differently we all viewed specific players at that time when the gap between Jordan to Johnson to Barkley was not only small but questionable.

The number after the team = # of votes.

Who is the toughest player to defend?
1. Michael Jordan, Chicago, 16
2. (tie) Charles Barkley, Philadelphia; Karl Malone, Utah; and Magic Johnson, LA Lakers, 2

What starting five would you select?
G Michael Jordan, Chicago, 22
G Magic Johnson, LA Lakers, 16
F Karl Malone, Utah, 19
C David Robinson, San Antonio, 13 (Rookie season)
F Charles Barkley, Philadelphia, 11

Who is the best clutch player?
1. Magic Johnson, LA Lakers, 12
2. Michael Jordan, Chicago, 9
(No Bird?)

Who is the best rebounder?
1. Akeem Olajuwon, Houston, 17
2. Charles Barkley, Philadelphia, 2
3. (tie) Patrick Ewing, New York, Roy Tarpley, Dallas, and Karl Malone, Utah, 1

Who is the best passer?
1. Magic Johnson, LA Lakers, 14
2. [John Stockton], Utah, 6
3. Larry Bird, Boston, 2

Who is the best pure shooter?
1. Dale Ellis, Seattle, 4
2. (tie) Larry Bird, Boston, and Jeff Malone, Washington, 3
4. (tie) Jeff Hornacek, Phoenix; Chris Mullin, Golden State; Reggie Miller, Indiana, and Byron Scott, LA Lakers, 2

Who is the best perimeter defender?
1. (tie) Joe Dumars, Detroit, and Dennis Rodman, Detroit, 5;


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