1991: Dennis Rodman goes off for 34 points & 23 rebounds vs Nuggets

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Bernard King Dennis Rodman

During Dennis Rodman's time with the Piston’s Bad Boys, it wasn't that rare to see him score in double figures or get a double double, but in the first game of 1991, Rodman must of made a new years resolution to become a scorer because he exploded for 34 points and 23 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets. I'm not trying to take away much from Rodman's career high but it didn't hurt that those awful Nuggets gave up a league worst 130 points a game and even let the Suns score 173 against them...in regulation.  Yep, 173 in 4 quarters which included 107 in the first half. The trio of Run TMC also scored 99 points against them that season and an over-the-hill Bernard King in his 2nd to last season dropped 52 points on that 1991 Denver team.

Rodman came back to reality (sort of) after that night and followed up that game with back to back 5 point games, but I still think if he wanted to score and wasn't playing alongside a lot of the best scorers from the 80s, he could have easily of averaged 15+ points a game.

Just check out some of his exceptional games he had before he was changing his hair color, getting tats and wearing wedding dresses.

  • 1.24.88:  30pts, 18rebs, 2blks
  • 2.18.89:  32pts, 21rebs, 3blks, 2stls (8-10 ft)
  • 1.2.90:  34pts, 23rebs (15-21 fg)
  • 11.12.91:  20pts, 13rebs, (2-3 3pt)
  • 12.13.91:  20pts, 25rebs, 3stls, 2blks
  • 1.28.92:  16pts, 32rebs 13pt
  • 2.18.92:  18pts, 27rebs, 5ast, (2-3 3pt)
  • 2.27.92:  16pts, 22rebs, 4ast, (2-2 3pt)
  • 3.4.92:  10pts 34 rebs (18 offensive boards)
  • 3.18.92: 16pts, 25rebs
  • 12.9.92:  10pts, 22rebs (3-4 3pt)
  • 3.26.92: 18pts, 25rebs, 4ast, 2blks



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