1993 Nike Comic Ads feat. Jordan, Barkley, Zo, Hardaway & David Robinson


Here’s a nice set of Nike ads from 1993 showcasing the most popular NBA players on the Nike roster (1 year before Penny Hardaway & Chris Webber joined) and the shoes they were wearing during the 92/93 season.  In case you were wondering why they signed Zo that season and not Shaq, it’s because Shaq wanted his own shoe and Nike wasn’t willing to give it to him but NBA contract holdout Alonzo Mourning didn’t have a problem signing that Nike contract.

93 is also the year Nike created the precursor to SpaceJam by paring Jordan up with Bugs Bunny for this commercial.



It’s also the same year Nike released the controversial “I am not a role model” commercial with Barkley


1993-Nike-AD-Pippen-e1363152915997  1993-Nike-AD-Hardaway-e1363152894593

1993-Nike-AD-Alonzo-e1363152874411 1993-Nike-AD-Robinson-e1363151625495 (1)

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