1997 Lakers vs Hawk – Kobe Bryant 360 layup

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Kobe Bryant Vince Carter Rick Fox

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I’ve never talked about Rick Fox more in a week in my entire life than I have this past week.  It started with a Grantland Most hated college player bracket then the behind the scenes filming of The Glades where Rick Fox dunked over a couple of people (with the help of a ladder) and now I’m posting this flashback from 1997.

The clip starts off with most hated nominee Rick Fox blocking most hated winner Christian Laetner twice on the same play the scoring on the other end.  The clip ends with a sweet 360 layup by Kobe  What makes this 360 so nice is that it looks like a true reaction to the defense and not a before hand decision to avoid an expected defense like many 360 layups you see in games.

Vince Carter often takes the credit for throwing down windmills and 360 dunks on a normal basis in games but late 90s Kobe was right up there.


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