1997: NBATV Analyst/Ex Magic Player Dennis Scott Meltdown at Children’s Camp

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Dennis Scott Anfernee Hardaway

“If Barney can do it” then 3D can do it because he “aint scared” like America.

You might know Dennis Scott as the chunky but cool NBA analyst on NBATV who seems to have a lot of in-jokes with former Orlando teammate Shaquille O’Neal. If you are old and like to talk about how great Penny Hardaway and ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’ were, then you probably remember Dennis Scott as 3D — 1/5 of the original Knuckleheads that set the NBA record for most 3’s in a game (11 during the shortened 3-point line era) in 1996.

What many people from the Penny and Shaq era don’t remember is what 3D did after he set that record during the post Shaq in the Magic Kingdom era. The reason being is because he spent the next few years bouncing from team to team — five in three seasons to be exact. But one time at basketball camp, before he became a journeyman, he had one last wild summer in Orlando where he treated a bunch of kids to some explicit sounds of Outkast and a Mel Gibson worthy rant about the “rage inside of him.” He circled the kids and spit out classic lines about “Scared America” and taking his show on the road because Barney is able to do it. He then excused himself from the camp to visit a friend but told the kids if he comes back not to call him “3D” anymore or ask for his autograph.

Crazy right? Can you imagine how the internet would respond to a player doing this today?

But Dennis is a cool guy (a real cool guy), so please don’t hold this Dave Chappelle-like sketch against him. It was a long time ago and he did pay for it by having to play in Vancouver near the end of his career and punishments in the NBA don’t get much worse than that.

To me, I’ll always remember Scott as the greatest 3-point shooter in NCAA history, the guy that got a lot of assists off a young Shaq and made a lot of 3-pointers because of a young Shaq and Penny Hardaway.

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