2-0 was the final score of a High School basketball game in Alabama

It only took 15 seconds for a player on Bibb County to score a bucket against Brookwood. Believe it or not, that would be the only points in the entire game!

The two schools met earlier in the season with Brockwood winning 40-36.  As low as that score seems, it looks like an 80’s game between the Nuggets and Showtime Lakers compared to their rematch.

Here’s how it went down according to the USA Today

The impetus for the low scoring came from Brookwood, which attempted to buy time after a long week of action — Saturday’s game was the fourth in seven days for both teams — by stalling for the remainder of the first quarter. That’s precisely what the Panthers did when they got the ball following Rutledge’s basket, holding all the way until the final shot. Brookwood started the second quarter with the ball, which was another chance to run down the clock in a stall. Another missed shot during the closing seconds of the stanza sent the teams to halftime with the scoreboard at 2-0.

That’s when Bibb County took a page from Brookwood’s book, and decided to stall itself. The idea was simple: If they didn’t stall, they could face giving Brookwood a final shot in both the third and fourth quarter. Holding the ball while maintaining a slim lead ensured that Bibb County would, at worst, have a 2-0 lead going into the final period.

Unfortunately for the Choctaws, that’s precisely what they had after missing another buzzer beating shot. That  gave Brookwood the opportunity to stall for a final shot, right up until the Panthers turned the ball over in the game’s final 15 seconds.

That turnover led to a series of frantic Brookwood fouls, but Bibb County was never sent to the free throw line because Brookwood hadn’t fouled all game. Finally Rutledge took one more shot in an attempt to kill off the game, but he missed, which landed Brookwood a chance for a buzzer-beating three which, quite fittingly, fell short.

Wow. Hopefully we can get our hands on the footage and make a mixtape out of this game.