2 Minutes of Steph Curry’s “Lowlights” vs the Lakers

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Steph Curry

“I would say 24 of them were good shots that just missed,” Said Curry after missing 14 of 20 shots in a 17 point loss to the Lakers on Sunday. “It happens.”

It does but it’s not everyday we see someone playing at GOAT level on a team going for the best record in the NBA history get “the shit beat out of them” by one of the worst teams in the league.  So for those reasons, we are going to milk this game and have as much fun as we possibly can talking about it.

Reddit user Bootum also had some fun by editing all of Curry’s “lowlights” from Sunday game to create the amusing “Steph Curry with the shot boi” video above. I think even most Curry fans should be able to appreciate the humor in the mix but I assume there’s going to be a few sensitive fanatics who will react this way.