Remembering When #1 Pick Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson Signed The Biggest Rookie Contract Ever

College beast and #1 pick of the 1994 NBA Draft, Glenn Robinson, wanted to become the first $100 million man in the NBA. That didn't happen. Instead, Glenn was stuck with having only the richest rookie contract in NBA history: 10 years $68 million! Bucks owner Herb Kohl joked that he would trade the Bucks franchise for Glenn's contract with the Bucks. Scared this was going to become an on-going trend, David Stern and the NBA created and implemented a rookie scale the following year to make sure future rookies don't pull a Big Dog demand.

Although the Big Dog was solid starter during his rookie campaign, he didn't win rookie of the year and two rookies won it that year: Jason Kidd and Grant Hill. He would go on to make 2 All-Star teams and win a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 but many consider his career a disappointment considering the hype he came into the league with.

His name still lives on in the league since his son, Glenn Robinson III, was drafted by the Timberwolves in 2014 -  his contract was obviously a lot less than the one his Dad signed in 2 decades earlier.


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