20 Years of Britney Spears & Basketball

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It’s 2017, and although my crush on Britney Spears is a lot smaller now than it was when I first heard her say “oh baby baby” while holding a basketball in the 1999 music video “Baby One More Time,” I have to admit, watching the 35-year old MILF awkwardly shoot and celebrate a free throw on her twitter account this morning had me saying, “oh baby baby, she’s still hot!”

It also had me taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about some of my other favorites from 1999.

  • Films: Magnolia, The Matrix, Fight Club, Eyes Wide Shut, 6th Sense, Three Kings
  • Music: How’s Your Girl by Handsome Boy Modeling School, Midnight Vultures by Beck, Things Fall Apart by The Roots, Art of Storytelling by Slick Rick
  • NBA players: Shaq, Kobe, Vince Carter and Jason Williams
  • Hotties:  Jenny McCarthy, Salma Hayek, Denis Richards, Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, Anna Kournikova, Tyra Banks and Britney Spears.