(2007) LeBron Scores 48, 25 Straight Points In GM5 Win Vs The Pistons

“I’m banged up. I’m winded. I’m fatigued,” Said LeBron James after the Cavs two-point win in Game 5 of the 07 Playoff series against the #1 Pistons. “I’ve got all day tomorrow. It’s going to be tough to get some rest when you got a crazy, 2-year-old running around the house. So hopefully, I can take him to one of his grandma’s house.”

So what exactly did the 22-year-old James — who was blasted after Game 1 for scoring just 10 points on 5-of-15 shooting — do in this game that caused him to feel so “winded” and “fatigue?” How about scoring a career playoff-high of 48 points on 18-of-33 shooting in 50 minutes? How about scoring his team’s final 25 points — 29 of their final 30 — during a 16-minute stretch? How about contributing a game-high 7 assists and 9 boards to go with those 48 points? How about making the game-winning layup with .02 seconds left in the second overtime?

“We threw everything we had at him,” said Billups, who tried to guard LeBron on the game-winner. “We just couldn’t stop him.”

Billups also had the opportunity to put the game into a third OT but missed a floater at the buzzer. Although LeBron was happy to end the game, me, a bunch of fantasy basketball owners and general basketball fans were actually hoping for additional five minutes to see more of the one-man show TNT commentator and former Michael Jordan teammate Steve Kerr called “Jordanesque.”

“I feel bad that my words don’t do justice for what he did,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said after the game.

Coach Brown might have been at a loss for words but the ‘Inside the NBA’ crew had plenty to say about the memorable performance and the Pistons’ defense.

Although this game was clearly his best game of the series, a shout out has to be given to his Game 3 performance, when he put up 32 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 nasty dunk on Rasheed Wallace.

He couldn’t throw a rock in the ocean (3-11 fg) in Game 6 but his teammate Daniel Gibson caught fire off the bench and scored a game-high 31 on 7-of-9 shooting to help the Cavs eliminate the Pistons.

Source: ESPN, 20 Second Time-Out