(2008) The Pistons Bench Cracks Up After Seeing Richard Hamilton’s “Twin” In The Crowd

This was one of the last great moments with this Pistons’ squad before Joe Dumars decided to break up the family of Billups, Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshuan Prince by trading Billups and Antonio McDyess to bring in Allen Iverson. I’m not saying one thing has to do with another, but without Billups, 3 x All-Star Hamilton never made the All-Star team again and only played a couple of more seasons in Detroit until spending a pair of seasons in Chicago before hanging up the sneakers.

Anyways, back to this great moment, seeing Rip see his doppelganger in the crowd and seeing Billups and McDyess point and crack up puts a bigger smile on my face than hearing Rasheed Wallace yell, “Ball Don’t Lie.”