Tony Mitchell & Ra’shad James will face off in the 2014 D-League Dunk Contest

2013 D-League Dunk Champion Tony Mitchell isn’t a household name yet but if the Piston’s wouldn’t have sent him back to the D-League last month then you would probably be seeing him compete in the All-Star filled NBA Slam Dunk Contest this weekend.  Defending NBA Dunk Champion Terrence Ross even said a few weeks ago that he would like to compete against Mitchell in the NBA contest.

But that dunk wont surprise any of the other rookies from the 2013 class who witnessed what Mitchell could do at the annual rookie photo shoot. At the end of the day, all of the rookies filled out a survey and voted Tony Mitchell the most athletic of the group.  Here’s why.

You can consider that a teaser to the 2014 D-League Dunk Contest also going down this weekend  because Mitchell will be going for back-to-back wins at the annual event against first timer Ra’shad “Birdman” James.



6’0″ Ra’shad James made some buzz last month when he threw down 2 incredible dunks on 7’0 Travis Hyman in the same game.

Not just a game dunker, James has plenty of experience in dunk contests including a Sprite Showdown win a few years ago and is considered the favorite to challenge Mitchell.


WHITE & ANT………….. 

Here are the dunk reels of the remaining contestants Darren White and Thanasis Antetokounmpo.




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