2015 NBA Finals Preview (NBA on NBC Style)

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Steph Curry LeBron James

John Tesh’s “Roundballl Rock,” which became famously known as the NBA on NBC music, worked on hoop fans in the 90s the way a bell worked for Pavlov’s dogs. Once we heard the  DA DA DA DA DA DAAA DA DA we would get excited and salivate (OK maybe not salivate) at the thought of finally seeing a non-local team play basketball. Better yet, a double or triple header of non-local teams showcasing marquee players I couldn’t wait to record on VHS via my 100lb 27 inch box television.

Television producer Ryan Eytcheson rang the bell when he created this awesome 2015 NBA finals preview using a 2001 Finals preview of the Lakers and 76ers. The 76ers were the underdogs in that series, won game 1 and then lost the next 4 in a row which wasn’t that shocking considering the Kobe & Shaq team swept every team they faced on their way to the finals that year.

I’m betting a similar outcome wont be happening between the Cavs and Warriors.