THEY CALLED HOODIE RIO SOFT!! Drops 30 Points in EPIC Comeback Against Charleston! Full Highlights!

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Mario McKinney

Check out 2019 Mario Mckinney from vashon basketball epic game against Charleston high school at the riverbend classic. This was a game Charleston asked for, and they got it. The blue jays went all out in the first half shooting 70 percent from the field (19 for 27) from the field and 6 of 9 from three, leading vashon 49-37 at the half. Vashon was very sluggish from the field and defensively and it all came from arriving a little bit late to the event from a 2 1/2 hour trip and didn't have enough time to warm up. They literally got off the bus, changed, warmed up for a brief and tip-off. Second half began and things started to stir up as a bunch of hecklers started to call Mario Mckinney "Soft" and the Charleston blue jays got into it with Vashon after a timeout was called which triggered vashon to make a huge 92-91 victory. Mario Mckinney finished with 30/11/5 and their next match up will be against Whitey Young at the Chicago Elite Classic! Thanks for watching and stay tune for more highlights of Mario!


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