2023 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: 76ers vs. Celtics: NBA Playoffs: Money Line, Spreads, and NBA Championship Odds.

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 Not only did the Philadelphia 76ers not have star Joel Embiid, but they also beat the Boston Celtics, 119-115 in Game 1. The 3rd Seed Philadelphia 76ers (54-28, 25-16 Away) will face off against the 2nd Seed Boston Celtics (57-25, 32-9 Home) for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Boston Celtics currently have the least odds to win the NBA Championship by a large margin. These two teams will play tomorrow at 8 PM EST, at the TD Garden, located in Boston, Massachusetts. The matchup will air on TNT. If you are looking for the best betting odds and stats, here is information to know:

NBA Championship Odds: Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76ers: +550

Boston Celtics: +190

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics (Game 1).

Betting Odds: Boston (-10) Over/Under 215.5.
Betting Results: Philadelphia Money Line, Philadelphia +10, OVER: 234.

 The Philadelphia 76ers went into Game 1 without MVP Candidate Joel Embiid. Thanks to James Harden scoring 45 Points, the 76ers were able to escape Game 1 by a slim margin. Guard Tyrese Maxey added 26 Points, and both Maxey and Harden combined for 6 steals. On the Celtics side, Jayson Tatum led the way with 39 Points, 1 Steal, 1 Block, and had 11 Rebounds. In addition, Tatum shot 4-5 from downtown. Jaylen Brown added 23 Points, and Malcolm Brogdon scored 20. It’s important to note Grant Williams, and Sam Hauser played a combined 9 minutes off the bench, and Robert Williams III was not a huge factor in this game.

Both the 76ers and the Celtics shot over 50 percent from the field, and Philadelphia shot 44.7 Percent from the Three. Although Boston Outrebounded, and dominated in paint points, the 76ers shot better overall as a team. The Celtics also had a game high 16 Turnovers and were up once by 12.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics (Game 2)

Philadelphia: +410
Boston: -520

Spread: Philadelphia +10, Boston-10.
Over/Under: 218.


Philadelphia 76ers

C Joel Embiid (Day-To-Day): Knee.

Boston Celtics

PF Danilo Gallinari (OUT): Knee.

Playoffs Recap

Philadelphia 76ers

 The Philadelphia 76ers found themselves in a favorable position in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs. They defeated and swept the Brooklyn Nets 4-0, in which only Game 3 was close. The 76ers finished their sweep without star Joel Embiid, who suffered a knee injury. Without Embiid, Tobias Harris, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey, Paul Reed, and De’Anthony Melton all contributed to the win.

In four games, the 76ers held the Nets to under 100 Points Per Game and averaged 48.5 Rebounds. James Harden led the series, and averaged 17.3 Points, 5.5 Rebounds, and 8.8 Assists.

In the Post Season, Philadelphia ranks 11th in Points Per Game (106.8), 2nd in Three-Point Shooting (41.5), 1st in Free-Throw Percentage (89), 8th in Rebounds (44.4), 15th in Assists (20.8), and 2nd in fewest turnovers (11.0).
On the defensive side, the 76ers rank 2nd in Opponent Points Per Game (97), 3rd in Steals (8.8), and 11th in Blocks (4.0).


Free Throw and Three-Point Percentage/Defense/Rebounding.

 We all know that close games can often come down to free throws. The 76ers are not only efficient in their Free-Throw Shooting, but they also rank #1 in the Playoffs in percentage. Philadelphia is shooting 89 percent from the line, while the Celtics are shooting 81.2 Percent.

The 76ers were the top team in Three-Point Percentage during the regular season and shot 38.7 Percent. Even without Joel Embiid, Philadelphia remains 2nd in the Playoffs in Three-Point Percentage (41.5). James Harden not only finished with 45 Points in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics, but he also hit a clutch Three-Point shot over Al Horford towards the end of the game. The 76ers shot 44 Percent from downtown in Game 1 and have several players that can strike beyond the arc, including James Harden, De’Anthony Melton, Tyrese Maxey, Tyrese Maxey, and Joel Embiid.

The Philadelphia 76ers ranked top 10 in defense rating in the regular season and have stepped up their game in the playoffs. The 76ers currently rank 5th in Defensive Rating (107.3), and rank 2nd in Opponent Points Per Game. In addition, they don’t let their opponents get to the free-throw line often, and rank 1st in Opponent rebounds (35.6). Both Maxey and Harden played well defensively in Game 1, and the 76ers rank 3rd in Steals per game (8.9). In addition to all these strengths, Philadelphia is winning their playoff games, and by a large margin (+9.7).


Joel Embiid Injury/ Shot Attempts.

 There’s no question Joel Embiid is the heart and soul of this team and is an MVP Candidate yet again. Embiid was ruled out of Game 1 with a knee injury, and most likely feels less pressure after Philadelphia took the first game. However, Game 2 is in Boston, and the Celtics have the experience and the players to challenge this Philadelphia team.

According to MSN an hour ago, Coach Doc Rivers quoted “There’s no change in his status,” said coach Doc Rivers. “I’m assuming it’s doubtful—I don’t know what the words are, but they haven’t changed if I’m being honest, but he’s working out. He’s over there with some of our guys right now and I’ll get the report when he gets back. The fact that he’s doing that is a step forward for sure.”

Joel Embiid carried this team and put-up incredible numbers this season. He averaged 36.8 Points, 1.4 Blocks 11.8 Rebounds, and shot 61.2 Percent from the Field in 4 games against Boston this season. In addition, Embiid is averaging 32.3 Points, 1.4 Blocks and 9.4 Rebounds in Away Games this Season. Joel Embiid is a rim protector, glass gleaner, and can shoot from the Three. The Boston Celtics are an elite team, and I do think the 76ers will need Embiid to win the series against Boston.

One of the 76ers biggest weaknesses in the playoffs has been their number of field goal attempts. They make big shots when they count, however, the volume has not been there. Philadelphia ranks 12th in Field Goal Attempts (86.2), and 10th in Three Point Attempts (34.2).

Boston Celtics

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics (Game 1)

Betting Odds: Boston (-10) Over/Under 215.5.
Betting Results: Philadelphia Money Line, Philadelphia +10, OVER: 234.

 The 76ers shocked the world when they took Game 1 against Boston without star Joel Embiid. Although Boston shot 58 Percent from the Field, they shot slightly less from the Three, and had a game high 16 turnovers. Also, Both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown led the way in minutes, Points, and Rebounds. Although Tatum had a double-double, the Celtics didn’t get much help from their bench, besides Malcom Brogdon. I expect Robert Williams III, Derrick White, and the Celtics bench to have a bigger role in Game 2.

It's important to note Boston outrebounded Philadelphia 38-28, had more points in the paint, and had more points off turnovers.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics (Game 2)

Philadelphia: +410
Boston: -520
Spread: Philadelphia +10, Boston-10.
Over/Under: 218

Playoffs Recap

 The Boston Celtics almost blew their lead in the First Round against the 7th Seed, Atlanta Hawks. Although the Celtics won the Series 4-2, they were close in statistics with the Hawks. They allowed Atlanta to average 115.8 Points Per Game, and Barely outrebounded the Hawks.

Jayson Tatum led the way, and averaged 27.2 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 5.3 Assists in 6 games. In Game 6 against Atlanta, both Tatum and Brown had a combined 62 points to close out and game and advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

In the Post Season, Boston ranks 2nd in Points Per Game (120.3), 3rd in Three-Point Shooting (40.4 Percent), 6th in Free-Throw Percentage (81.2), 9th in Rebounds (44), 1st in Assists (27.1), and 8th in turnovers (12.9).
On the defensive side, The Celtics rank 13th in Opponent Points Per Game 116.3), 15th in Steals (6.0), and 2nd in Blocks (7.2). Boston was a very good defensive team this season, and ranked 2nd in Defensive Rating (110.6) and 2nd in Offensive Rating. If Boston wants to keep up, they must step up their defense.


Offense/Three-Point and Field Goal Percentage/Super Stars.

 There’s no question the Boston Celtics have plenty of offense in the regular season and the Playoffs. Besides Miami, Boston is averaging 120.3 Points Per Game, and they rank 3rd in Three-Point Shooting. In addition, the Celtics have multiple players that can hit their shots, especially from downtown. The Celtics currently lead all Playoff teams in Field Goal Percentage (52.1), and rank 2nd in Three Point Shots made. This is an offense run by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. However, Derrick White, Malcom Brogdon, Marcus Smart, and Al Horford can all take off offensively at any time. Those players will be crucial to the series, especially if Joel Embiid is able to suit up.

Both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have become two of the deadliest pair in the NBA. Not only do they have years of experience playing together, but they’ve also been to the NBA Finals. Although Boston will rely heavily on other stars and bench players to step up, they will ultimately need 100 percent from both Tatum and Brown. This includes vision of the court, playing team basketball, and making smart decisions in crucial situations.

Jayson Tatum averaged 21 Points, 1.3 Steals, 6.3 Assists, and 9.8 Rebounds in 4 Games against the 76ers this season. In addition, Tatum shot 44 Percent from the Field, and only 28.6 Percent from the Field. It’s important to note Tatum is averaging 31.7 Points, 1.2 Steals, and Rebounds in Home Games this season. In those Home Games, Jayson Tatum averages 48.4 Percent from the Field, and 35.8 Percent from the Three.

Like Tatum, Jaylen Brown averaged 21 Points, 1.7 Steals, 2.7 Assists, and 3 Rebounds in 3 games against Philadelphia. Brown has been much better at home, averaging 26.7 Points, 1.1 Steals, 3.3 Assists, and 6.8 Rebounds. In Home Games, Brown is shooting 48 Percent from the field. Although both stars struggled against the 76ers this season, they will need to step it up this series.


Defense/ Getting to the Free-Throw Line.

 Contrary to the regular season stats, the Boston Celtics currently rank 12th in Defensive Efficiency in the Playoffs (116.3). Additionally, Boston ranks 13th in Opponent Points Per Game, and allows 116 points Per Game. The Importance of Free-Throws was discussed above, and their impact on close games. The Celtics rank 2nd in Opponent Free-Throw attempts, which can make or break a game. If they want to win, Boston needs to stop opponents from getting to the line so often.

Not only do the Celtics allow teams to get to the line, but they are also 2nd to last in Free Throw attempts this Postseason. The only team to make it to the line less are the 76ers. If the Celtics can attack the rim, and get to the line, they could take this second game.

Boston has two-way guards in Marcus Smart and Derrick White. They currently rank 11th in Perimeter Three Defense and are a team that ranked 4th in the Regular season against the perimeter. In fact, Boston limited opponents to 34.5 Percent Three-Point shooting this season.

Key Stats-Playoffs

Philadelphia averages 106.8 points per game.

•Boston averages 120.3 points per game.

•Philadelphia ranks 2nd in points allowed with 97 opponents points per game.

•Boston ranks 13th in points allowed with 116.3 opponents points per game.

•Philadelphia ranks 8th in rebounds per game with 44.4.

•Boston ranks 9th in rebounds per game with 44.

•Philadelphia ranks 2nd in point differential at +9.7.

•Boston ranks 5th in point differential at +4.0.

•Philadelphia ranks 11th in blocked shots with 4.0 per game.

•Boston ranks 2nd in blocked shots with 6.7 per game.

•Philadelphia averages 41.5 percent from the 3-point range, while Boston averages 40.4 Percent from the 3-point range.


SPREAD: Boston -10

-Philadelphia covered the spread in 7 of their last 10 games.

-Boston covered the spread in 7 of their last 10 games.

-Philadelphia has a 51-34-2 record ATS this season.

-Boston has a 50-39-0 record ATS this season.

-Boston 26-19-0 in HOME games ATS this season.

-Philadelphia is 25-18-1 in AWAY games ATS this season.

 Although Philadelphia covered the spread in 7 straight games, and this is a large margin, they will most likely be without Embiid. I think the Celtics found a way to win this game by a large margin and made up for some mistakes in the last game. Give me Celtics -10.

MONEY LINE: Boston Money Line

-Philadelphia won the Money Line 8 out of their last 10 games

-Boston won the Money Line 7 of their last 10 games.

As of right now, Joel Embiids’ status has not changed, and he is still doubtful for Game 2. Boston is at Home, and I can’t see them losing here. Give me Boston Money Line.


-Philadelphia Avg +/- vs O/U Line: +1.1

-Boston Avg +/- vs O/U Line: +2.0

-Philadelphia Overall O/U Record: 46-39-2

-Boston Overall O/U Record: 47-40-2

-Philadelphia hit the UNDER 5 times in their last 10 games.

-Boston hit the UNDER 7 times in their last 10 games.

James Harden exploded for 45 Points last game for the 76ers. If Joel Embiid is ruled out for Game 2, I fully expect Harden to come back down to Earth. However, based off how poorly the Celtics have played defensively, I like the Over here. Last game hit the Over, the Boston hit the over in 5 straight games.

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