2025 Player & Team Summer Update!

Here are some notes and tidbits on the 2025 class heading into the summer:

Hudson Greer Trending Towards Being a Burger Kid
We are still months away, but every time I see Hudson Greer play he is one of, if not the top, standout. Every time one of the national rankings gets updated, he’s moving up. Greer has been one of the most consistent players in the country and as he continues to rise, we’ll eventually see his name on the back of a McDonald’s All American Jersey.

Is This The Year A Texas Program Wins Peach Jam?
Looking at the Nike EYBL rosters, specifically Drive Nation’s and JL3, I think we will see one, if not both, make a serious run at the 2024 Peach Jam Title. JL3 boasts a big-time roster with the core of Hudson Greer, Shelton Henderson, Sebastian Williams-Adams and Nigel Walls. Demorae Pritchett plays a major role, too, and is on the radar of D1 schools.

Henderson is a big guard that utilizes power and skill to score and play-make. Williams-Adams is a swiss army knife that accumulates near triple-doubles due to his effort, athleticism, feel for the game and just always being in the right position. Either that's to secure a rebound, score the ball by attacking closeouts or in transition, and Williams-Adams just doesn’t overthink his decision making. He and Henderson will rise in the national rankings as well. This JL3 squad can make a special run this season.

For Drive, this 2025 group has been in the mix for a title since they were playing 15U. Jaden Toombs, Jermaine O’Neal Jr., Leroy Kelly, JoJo McIver and Reggie Webster have been playing together for a while and the additions of point guard Jacobe Coleman and Des Jones gives the backcourt more depth and an offensive jolt needed to win in the EYBL. Toombs was good at USA Basketball, orchestrated sound performances in the EYBL Memphis Session as he’s a load in the paint with his footwork and touch with either hand around the rim. Can stretch from 12-15 feet and knock down jumpers. O'Neal is a wing that’s a good two-foot athlete that can defend multiple positions and, offensively, knocks down shots from deep. Kelly is as steady as they come at the guard spot. Makes shots from three, adequate ball mover and relocates to spots on the floor to create spacing and scoring opportunities for himself. Coleman is an athletic guard that can get to the paint and just provides a formidable scoring punch. Third time a charm this year for Drive Nation?

UAA: King Grace Wants To Re-Introduce Himself/Texas Impact Makes Splash
2025 King Grace is nationally known from the evaluators and the high major coaches, but saw a dip in the number beside him. Rankings are like stocks, however, they can bear (downward) or bull (upward), but it’s never permanent. Grace made a statement this past weekend in South Carolina. 30-point games, transition dunk after transition dunk, scoring in spot up situations plus off the dribble and more importantly going 4-0. I like stats and production, but I love winning and credit to Texas Impact and coach T.J. Thomas on the roster construction and the way he’s utilizing his players. More weekends like this for King Grace, he’ll see his name in higher tiers.

Texas Impact is playing fast, guys are moving the ball and players are helping themselves such as Steven Ramirez and David Iweze. Ramirez has developed a dependable 3-point shot and he’s knocking them down. Plus he hustles on the glass and overall knows how to play. Iweze is a post that has a lot of upside. Reliable hook shot and counters in the post, can rebound and attack and more physical on the glass.

Bryceson Melvin Keeps Rising/Max Levels Is In The Convo
I predicted the pop with Nic Codie last year before the circuit ball and I have another one for you this year. His name is Bryceson Melvin. 2025 class is deep in Texas, but Melvin will have himself in the top 10 convo soon and could go higher. 6’5 with a strong body, Melvin is a high-level midrange scorer and shooter from deep. The athleticism has grown, the handle is getting tighter (still has some work to do) but the way he scores it and plays translates. A high major prospect that will see himself in the national polls by the end of the summer. I won’t miss on this one!

This may be Max Level’s best overall I’ve seen with the program. They have size, depth, shooting and most importantly talent. Jayden Ramnanan is a strong built scoring point guard that when he gets hot, he’s scoring in bunches. Mixes speed and strength to get to spots when the defense is trying to apply pressure on him. A D1 prospect that has had a great start to the spring. Dorian Johnson of Eastern Hills is helping himself. Athletic four-man that’s a mismatch with his blend of inside/out scoring. Mbayde Babacar has improved a lot over the past year. Alters shots but a more reliable dump-off, dunker spot candidate when guards drive. Plus he’s 6’10 and knows how to use his height to his advantage now.

Cooz Elite Always Reload
It’s fun watching Cooz Elite play. Jason Tocabens is a state champion coach and has won with less. They play fast, physical and the players play with freedom, but don’t abuse it.

Tyran Rathan-Mayes has seen his recruitment pick up. A sturdy built 6’6 wing that shoots it from deep and is an adequate passer. Uses size advantages and will post-up smaller defenders. Ian Inman calling card is his shooting. Good elevation and quick getting off his hands. Very solid creating his own jumper and attacks closeouts to get to the mid-range pull. Jason Scott has come back from injury and is looking like his normal self. Attacking guard that’s persistent on getting to the teeth of the defense. Also like stretch big Evan Cochran and shooting 4-man Yohan Gutierrez.

YGC Big Addition Gave A Major Boost
YGC has a loaded roster. The duo of four-star Kayden Edwards and early season addition Chris Cenac provide a formidable presence. Edwards can score 30 points in any game. Lefty that’s a confident shot taker and fast with the ball. Cenac is a skilled big at 6’10 with face-up skills and plays above the rim inside. ‘24 Kole Williams deserves a shoutout. One of the best available prospects in 2024 as the 6’5 guard is a physical finisher at the rim, capable of making shots from deep and has a body ready for college basketball. Someone will eventually take the chance on him.

Front Court Duo To Keep Tabs Of
Jaylan Jackson (6’10) and Landon Brooks (6’8) - Triumph

Notable Prospects Not Listed Above That May Breakout During The May Live Period
Aiden Disu, 6’6 SF - ASAK ELITE
DJ Hall, 6’7 PF - Southern Assault
Caleb Steger, 6’4 SG - Southern Assault
Michael Grant, 6’5 Wing - Triumph
Dorian Hayes, 6’4 Guard - Houston Hoops
Jaylan Lawal, 6’2 PG - Trae Young Elite
Mike Williams 5’10 PG - Gulf Coast Blue Chips
Christian Thomas, 6’7 SF - Gulf Coast Blue Chips
Kobi Pearson, 6’8 PF/SF - Family Ties
Cam Cowgill, 6’2 SG - SA Future
Jayden Leverett, 6’10 C - IFN
Luke Laczkowski, 6’6 SF - Texas Impact
Happy To See Them Healthy And Playing Well
Bryson Jackson, 6’3 CG - Houston Hoops
Jed Nansha, 6’7 C/PF - YGC


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