24 Year Old Robert Covington Disrespects His Elders By Dunking on 39 Year Old Andre Miller

The 76ers Robert Covington was just a 9 year old kid when Andre Miller entered the league and last night, Convington – all grown up – disrespected his elders by throwing down an alley-oop dunk over the 6’2 near 40 year old King. But Convington wasn’t just picking on the old folks; he did plenty of damage to the youngsters on the Kings too with 21 points and 5 of 6 shooting from downtown.

Even though Dre is an old dog, he still has a bag of awesome tricks and can still pups off guard with his slow but effective moves. Just ask Nerlens Noel.

Just to let you all youngsters know, Miller had some hops when he was Convington’s age and wasn’t afraid to go for a block on taller players and even high-flyers like Vince Carter.