27 Dunks NEVER Done In The NBA Dunk Contest That Would ALL Get 50s!

Here are 27 dunks that have NEVER been done in the NBA Dunk Contest! There are actually 31 variations of dunks in the video but since some of them were somewhat similar to another we counted them as one. Other dunks that aren't included in this video are: The 720 (Air Up There), The Armageddon (Young Hollywood), windmill dunk from the freethrow line and between the legs from the freethrow line (James White). However if the NBA invites James White to the dunk contest we can expect to see those 2 almost guaranteed.

Here are a list of NBA players who we think could put down most of these dunks.

2 foot dunks: Gerald Green, Paul George, Iman Shumpert, Terrence Ross, Derrick Rose (pre-injury), Darius Johnson Odom, Blake Griffin

1 foot dunks: James White, LeBron James, Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan


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