NBA 2K15: The Truth About The Servers!

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Anthony Davis James Harden Steph Curry

NBA2k has released a lot of exciting news about 2k16 in the past week. We got Spike Lee directing the ‘My Career’ mode. We got covers featuring Steph Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis. We got more videos featuring Rachel DeMita. But what a lot of people on the internet wanted to hear wasn’t future news about 2k16 but good news about 2k15 and their current servers.

If you aren’t aware of the server issues, it’s been a big one with 2k fans since NBA2k14 came out in 2013. The outages aren’t long (an hour here, 2 hours there) but often enough for the gaming community to create memes, a Twitter account (@2kserversdown) and videos about it.  YouTube user @Denkops posted a new video about it today and last week when Shia LaBeouf went viral for his “do it” video, a user named @KrispyFlakers created this mash-up.

So hopefully the good people at 2K get pumped up by LaBeouf and find a way to fix the server issues for 2k16 because the game looks and sounds like a winner. But nothing is more frustrating than not being able to play your favorite game and seeing this template tweet.