3 Plays That Should Have Been On The NBA’s Top 10 Alley-Oops Of The Year Video

The NBA released a top 10 alley-oops of the year video and left out the best oop of the year: Blake Griffin’s alley-oop 3-pointer! They did feature Blake in the countdown but as a passer and they also had plenty of LeBron James.  Two other milk carton oops was Brandon Jenning’s off the backboard oop to Andre Drummond and Goran Dragic’s half-court oop to still got hops D Wade.

  • LeBron from JR Smith
  • The Brow
  • Blake to Jordan
  • Lillard with an impressive save/oop
  • Curry to Iggy
  • Butler with the clutch oop
  • JR off the glass to LeBron
  • Dwight over Porzingis
  • Uncle Jeff with the game-winning oop
  • Kyrie Irving to who else