3 of the most Insane Dunks you will ever see – courtesy of Jonsey, Hoopstar, Werm…& Rachel?

Jonsey, Werm and Chris Hoopstar Staples are very well known among the dunk community as three of the best dunkers around and this past weekend they were all in LA to do an event with Chris Paul, but the most exciting dunks went down during  a couple of practice dunk sessions with Dunkademics.

The video above contains 3 of the nastiest dunks you will ever see and each one would be worthy enough to be a final 50 in a dunk contest. Staples did a 360 baseline reverse, Jonsey did a 360 transfer (the first time I’ve ever seen that dunk) and Werm did a behind the back off the bounce dunk.

The dunkers also received a special visit from Sportsbuddyz‘ beautiful host Rachel DeMita who assisted on a few dunks.


Werm and Staples were also recently featured in this pretty cool And1/Sports Illustrated interview about the life of a professional dunker.

Shout out to Dunkademics for the footage and the brand LoveOfBasketball.net which is the gear the dunkers are wearing in the videos.






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