3 Milk Carton Moves From The NBA’s Top 10 2017 Preseason Crossovers Video

You probably weren’t expecting to see Kristaps Porzingis and Blake Griffin in a Top 10 Crossovers video. But, the two forwards made the cut, along with Steph Curry, vintage D. Rose, vintage(?) Lance Stephenson, rookie De’Aaron Fox and whoever Carrier Felix is. I’m kidding about Felix. The current Wizard was a second round pick of the Cavs in 2013 — the year the Cavs wasted the overall first pick on Anthony Bennett and 19th on Sergey Karasev —  and has spent the past couple of years rehabbing a broken knee cap. It’s good to see him back on the court and dishing out knee pain to other.

What did surprise me about this NBA-compiled list was Steph Curry’s move against the Wolves not only making it, but landing at number one, while his teammate, Kevin Durant, getting crossed by Jamal Crawford, ended up on a milk carton.

And it’s not like the editors can make the excuse of forgetting about this play because not only did it happen in the same game as the Curry move, it happened just seconds before.

Another play that should have been on this was Curry and KD’s teammate, Andre Iguodala, and this move that had Paul Milsap almost sliding out of bounds. If you watch the ref closely, you can see him look down at Milsap and do a motion with his hands as if he was feeling sorry for him.

The NBA could make the argument Iggy doesn’t deserve to be on the list because he pulled an And1 Streetball game play by missing the shot. Actually, if this was an And1 game, Iggy would have just thrown the ball into the crowd so they could end the game.

The third play that should have been on this list was CJ McCollum welcoming Kings rookie Justin Jackson to the league. I know it was a jab step and not a crossover but you can say the same about a lot of these entries.


Here’s a four-minute mix of the best crossovers from the 2017 NBA preseason as well as the best from last year’s preseason action.