Andrew Bogut scuffle with Mo Williams, Freeland and Aldridge (3 players ejected)

Over 10 players were involved in a scuffle between the Warriors and Blazers during Portland’s 113-101 win last night.   The incident started when Andrew Bogut and Joel Freeland got into under the basket and Bogut threw an elbow at Freeland.  Mo Williams and LaMarcus Aldridge jumped in and exchanged shoves with Bogut and then mayhem broke loose.

In the end, Portland’s Mo Williams was ejected, Wes Matthews was ejected (because it was his 2nd tech) and Freeland received a tech.  For GS, Draymond Green was ejected and Bogut was given a technical?  I’m not sure why Green was ejected and not Bogut but I’m sure Bogut will be getting a call from the league offices.


Portland went on a 40-21 run after the scuffle and LaMarcus Aldridge finished with a monster stat line: 30/21/3/3/3

Source: SI




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