340lb NFL player Haloti Ngata doing 150lb get-ups & then dunking off 1 step

Now if this doesn’t motivate you to get in the gym, I don’t know what will (besides just wanting to impress women if your sports “career” is done).

Here’s 340-350 pound Baltimore Raven’s lineman Haloti Ngata doing “get-ups” with a 150 pound dumbell!

If that wasn’t freakish enough, check out the 7 year vet dunking off of 1 step.  I don’t care if he is 6’4, he’s a 30 year old football player that weighs more than any player in the NBA (I think).

Video Caption by ASAP Training: After 7 years in the NFL trenches, Haloti has found the “fountain of youth”. Here is 350 pounds of grown man dunking off one step.

Source: Bleacher Report

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