36-Year Old Jason Richardson Showed Off His “Old Man Hops” At Warriors Basketball Camp

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Jason Richardson’s dunks have always been overshadowed by Vince Carter. When J-Rich put on a dunk show in the 2000 Olympics Team vs USA Select team game, Vince threw down a couple of the sickest windmills I’ve ever seen.  When J-Rich threw down some of the most impressive dunks in NBA dunk contest history, people had to compare it to Carter’s contest winning performance before him. Here we are 17 years later —  2 years after J-Rich’s retirement — and I’m trying to brag about the fact that the 36-year old can still throw down windmill dunks off the bounce and the only thing I’m hearing is Vince Carter is still doing this at the age of 40 (he was actually doing it this past weekend in Hong Kong). Look, Vince is the greatest dunker of all-time and comparing dunks to him is like comparing numbers against Wilt Chamberlain.

Now that I got that out of the way, here’s video of J-Rich throwing down a windmill off the bounce at this past weekend’s Warriors’ basketball camp.

The caption is just as awesome as the dunk. And this is the part where I take you down memory lane and show you a bunch of clips of J-Rich getting way off the ground back when the kids in the above video were in diapers or not even a twinkle in their dad’s eyes.