360 Poster Dunk!? DeMar DeRozan Almost Had One Of The Nastiest Dunks Ever

The best missed dunk I’ve ever seen came courtesy of Gerald Green during a Houston charity game in 2015, when he missed a head-at-the-rim windmill dunk on a 7 footer. I remember everybody in the crowd saying that would have been the nastiest poster dunk ever.

On Tuesday, with the USA team up by almost 50 in the 4th against China, DeMar DeRozan gave his teammates and the Oracle crowd a similar feeling when he missed a 360 dunk attempt on a defender! 360? I’ve seen guys pull off 180 poster dunks and there’s been plenty of instances of windmill posters — Tracy McGrady in high school might be the most known one — but I can’t recall ever seeing someone pull off a 360 poster.

I don’t think the USA bench has either, because they got a tech for their bench-clearing reaction to the dunk attempt that had LeBron tweeting…

As great as the dunk would have been if it went down, I still don’t think it would have been better than Vince Carter’s “Lipton” dunk vs France in 2001. If you were old enough to remember when the shocking career-ending dunk happened, I’m sure you will agree. Here’s an interesting story about that dunk, because of the limited broadcasting of Olympic basketball games and NBC’s exclusive contract with the Olympics, nobody saw the dunk until the day after it happened (thanks to yours truly). Nowadays because of social media and youtube uploaders like the unappreciated Ximo Pierto, the dunk is seen and shared by thousands of people within minutes.


So in honor of DeMar’s missed dunk, here’s a few of my favorite “what if” poster dunks, starting with Vince Carter almost ending the life of Tayshaun Prince.

And here’s Ballislife All-American Kwe Parker with an insane 360 miss!