37-Year Old Jamal Crawford Was Schooling 20-Year Old Derrick Jones Jr & The Young Suns

Derrick Jones Jr was just three years old when Jamal Crawford embarrassed his first defender in the NBA. On Thursday, the future NBA dunk champ got an up close look at the handles of 37-year old Jamal Crawford and realized they are just as impressive now as they have ever been in any point of Jones’ life.

Crawford, an owner of more trivial NBA records than you can imagine, also became one of the few players ever score more than 15 points (19) with 0 rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, turnovers and fouls. In the past 30 years, Michael Redd, Hubert Davis, Steve Kerr and Marquis Daniels have also done it.

As for Jones, he followed up his career-high 0f 13 against the Hawks with his second game in double figures: 10 points on 4 of 5 shooting. It was his 7th game in the past two months shooting at least 80%.

He also had this nice dunk off a steal from Crawford in the 2nd quarter of the loss to the Clips.