Derrick Rose is being sued by a Bulls fan for mental breakdowns, emotional distress and weight gain

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I remember a couple of years ago reading about a lady who tried to sue the producers of the (great) film “Drive” for false advertising because she thought she was going to see a brainless Fast and Furious type film.  Basically she sued because she ended up seeing an exceptional film when wanting to see a bad one.  I thought that had to be the most rediculous lawsuit ever.   That is until I heard about this loser from Peoria Illinois that is suing Derrick Rose because his injury and abscense from the Bulls has caused him to have “mental breakdowns, emotional distress and ultimately gain tons of weight!”

There’s a 100% chance that this will be thrown out but if it isn’t then I’m organizing a class action lawsuit against Kobe Bryant.  I might start one for Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum too.  Darko, Kwame Brown and Greg Oden deserve a day in court too.  Actually, let’s all just sue David Stern even if the Miami Heat fans wont participate.

Source: Hip Hop 365

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