38 year old Jason Williams still has it | White Chocolate Summer Mixtape

The video starts off with a 38 year old Jason “White Chocolate” Williams at the Orlando Pro-Am shouting “I ain’t travel since I was 6.”

Don’t you miss him?

When he was 18, he was named West Virginia Player of the Year by USA Today for leading his team to the state championship with teammate Randy Moss.

When he was 22, he set a Florida Gators record with 17 assists in a game.

When he was 23, he was selected 7th overall in the NBA draft to the Sacramento Kings and quickly became one of the most exciting players in the league.  If it wasn’t for a shortened lockout season and this guy called Vinsanity, William’s rookie season would have been even more memorable.

When he was 31, he won a NBA championship as a member of the Miami Heat.

When he was 33, he announced his retirement (although he came back and retired again 2 years later) but has been showing up in pro-ams and international tours all around the world for the past few years reminding basketball fans that he was the guy who could make elbow passes and leave Gary Payton stuck in cement.

So here we are watching him at 38 and acting like he’s still that exciting whiteboy we fell in love with 15 years ago.

Shout out to Home Team Hoops for the mix.