3rd Grader Makes a Backwards, No-Look 3-Pointer at the Buzzer in a Championship Game!

Here’s the setup: AAA County Championship Game between the Allentown Arrows and the Bowie Bulldogs, Tyrik Petway, who is ranked #2 in the nation for the class of 2024 has……wait, hold up!

According to Coast2CoastPreps.com, 3rd grader Tyrik Pettway, is the #2 ranked kid in the nation for the class of 2024 which is 9 years from now. So when he graduates from high school, LeBron will be nearing 40 and Andrew Wiggins will be heading into his 10th season.

OK, back to the game, with a 15-11 lead with a minute remaining, Tyrik hits a 3-point dagger to push the lead to 7, the opposing team misses a layup and Tryik gets the ball back to dribble out the clock.  Instead, Tyrik  decides to take a backwards 3-pointer at the buzzer – whaaaat (best mom voice) – which banks off the glass.

Capri Suns (which no longer carry high fructose corn syrup) for everybody!


Back to the rankings, click on this link to read a bunch of comments from parents arguing about the rankings. Seriously, they are are arguing over the rankings of 8 year old kids.


Source: BroBible