(2008) Rookie Ramon Sessions had 20 pts & 24 asts in a 135-151 loss to the Bulls

On this date in history, April 4th of 2008, Rookie Ramon Sessions had a career night vs the Chicago Bulls. In the second to last game of the season, Ramon exploded for 20 points and 24 assists in a 135-151 loss to the Chicago Bulls — no OT!

“It was kind of like an All-Star game out there,” Duhon said. “No defense was being played.”

The lack of defense was obvious considering four Bucks scored 2o+ points. The Bulls starters didn’t do so great with only 65 total points, 32 came from Loul Deng. 6th man Ben Gordon had 29 points in 27 minutes and Chris Duhon came off the bench and racked up 22 points and 15 assists in 30 minutes.

“It was a statistician’s nightmare,” Bulls interim coach Jim Boylan joked.

Ramon only played 17 games that season but was a fantasy beast in his last 8, when he was given over 15 minutes of playing time: 5 double doubles, 7 games with double digit assists and a total of 45 points and 38 assists in the final two games of the season.






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