(1988) Charles Oakley somehow had 26 points and 35 rebounds vs the Cavs

The 26 points alone by Charles Oakley was impressive considering the Bulls power forward was averaging 12 points a game and only scored over 20 eight times during this season. But doubling his scoring average (matching Michael Jordan) while grabbing an insane 35 rebounds in just 41 minutes sounds like a boxscore typo…but we have video proof!

Jordan was a big reason for Oakley’s big night. His Airness missed 14 of his 26 attempts and Oakley had 16 offensive rebounds.

To add to the insanity, Oakley followed up this game with 24 points and 21 rebounds vs the Celtics in the final game of the season. Yes, that means Oakley had 50 points and 56 rebounds in 2 games.

Since 1985, there have been 27 instances of 25/25 games and two instances of 25/30 games; Kevin Love in 2010 had the other with a 31/31 masterpiece. The highest point total in 25/25 games was Chris Webber, who had 51 points to go with 26 rebounds back in 2001.


In 1988, Michael Cage and Charles Oakley were in a stat battle on the final day but since rebound titles aren’t as glamorous as scoring ones, you probably never heard this story.

Cage, playing with the Clippers at this time, and Charles Oakley was neck-to-neck in the final weeks for the rebounding title and then Cage went on a rebounding tear: 20 points and 23 boards followed by a 16 board game and then another 20/20 game, 19 in the next and then back-to-back 20+ rebound games. On the final day of the season, Cage needed a career-high 28 rebounds to win the rebounding title from Oakley and he came through with a career-high 30!


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