4 LOL moments from Kobe's milestone game vs the Raptors feat Drake & Kyle Lowry's "nuts"

You have seen the highlights and read all about the records that Kobe Bryant set in Sunday night's OT win over the Raptors but here's a few amusing moments from that night that you might have missed...or you saw but want to see again.

Kobe schools Terrence Ross & makes him fall

With 3 minutes left in regulation, Kobe gave Terrence Ross a series of moves and then hits a step-back jumper as Ross gets (kicked and then) called for the foul and falls to the floor.

Rick Fox says Kyle Lowry "put his nuts" on Kobe

Kobe's ex-teammate didn't know his was mic was still live when he started laughing and commenting about Kyle Lowry landing on Kobe's head near the end of regulation. Rick even joked about his oops by posting this on Facebook: My Ron Burgundy Moment "Stay Classy Rick Fox"

A Serious Kobe cracks up Drake

A dead serious looking Kobe says something to Raptors ambassador Drake which cracks the "you wasn't shooting with my in the gym" rapper up in OT.

Nick Young tells Kobe that Batman needs Robin

After the game, the always quotable Nick Young talked about the nonchalant Kobe and how Batman needs Robin.

"You know what, I had to tell him. I said, look, Batman need Robin. I don't want to have to cuss you out Kobe, but I'm going to have to. Then you know, he passed it"