40 UNSEEN Vince Carter Dunks From His Athletic Prime!

I’ve been following Vince Carter’s basketball career since he was a sophomore at Mainland High school. I created and ran the most popular Vince Carter website in the late 90s. I have stacks of VHS tapes and CD-Roms with nothing but Carter footage and there’s dunks in this video I have never seen!

The dunks are from Gary Payton’s Charity Game, Zo’s Summer Groove, Ray Of Hope Foundation Charity Game, Magic’s Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Charity Game, USA Basketball practice, Jerry Stackhouse UNC Alumni Game, and various exhibitions with the Toronto Raptors.

There’s nothing more I can say but just watch the “40 Unseen Vince Carter” video and shout out to Nils Wagner for putting this together, for taking the NBA YouTube channel to a new level with his hoop mixtapes and for being one of the first visitors to my 90’s Vince Carter site: GotVinsanity.com.