40-Year Old Vince Carter Battles Kawhi Leonard, Hits The Weightroom After Grizzlies Were Eliminated

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Charles Barkley had some high praise for Vince Carter after the Grizzlies were eliminated by the Spurs on Thursday night. The 40-year old guard played exceptionally well, scoring 10 of his 12 points in the first half, throwing down rebound dunks and played some impressive defense on Kawhi Leonard in the second half. And after playing 33 minutes in tough Game 5, the 19-year veteran showed why he’s been able to keep his nickname of ‘Half-Man, Half-Amazing.’

Carter played 73 games (the most since 2011) this season, averaging the most points (8.0), rebounds (3.1), assists (1.8), threes (1.5), steals (0.8) and blocks (0.5) during his three years with the Grizzlies. He averaged 9.2 points over the six games against the Spurs.