4'5 Mani Love Drops Defender At 2017 Dwarf Games

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Do you remember this viral video of a short hooper breaking a woman's ankle while crossing a street?

That hooper is 4'5 streetball star Jamani Swanson aka Mani Fresh aka Lil Engine aka Mani Love. And he's back with another viral clip that will make us feel guilty about laughing. I'm kidding! I laughed my ass off when he dropped that lady to her knees and I laughed even harder when he made a defender at the 2017 Dwarf Games take a nose dive to the ground.

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Just as funny as the defender falling is the defender doing a Jordan shrug at the camera after the play.

You can see more of Mani and his Gold medal winning team, The USA Towers, in this recap video from the Dwarf Games.

Congrats on the medal Mani, I think I still owe you some BIL socks.