Shaq's Motivation Workout + Body Transformation & Weight Timeline

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Today's morning motivation workout mix comes from the MDE as he, according to Muscle Madness, trains for the WWE (last I heard the WWE thing was dead).

As a result of these workouts, the 45-year-old Icy Hot endorser with some of the scariest looking feet in the world said he has lost 20 pounds during his 30-day Roc Fit Transformation Challenge. More shocking than the weight loss was Shaq admitting he was 400 pounds(!) with 15% body fat a month ago. That's more surprising than (as Barkley would say) "his fat ass" being able to fit into a Buick Lacrosse (I own a Buick Lacrosse and I feel cramped even though I'm 6'0" 190).

For the old school basketball fans who remember watching a young, lean Shaq going coast-to-coast like a small forward, if watching him working out doesn't motivate you to get back to the weight of your younger self, then maybe watching a 48-year-old Terry Crews in the gym might...

And I can't mention Crews and Shaq together without mentioning the time I watched a 44-year old Shaq dunk on Crews during the 2016 Cheez-It Munch Mania Celeb Game.

SHAQ'S WEIGHT (1987-2017)

Here's a timeline of Shaq's listed weight over the past 30 years.

  • 1987 (HS junior): 250
  • 1991 (LSU College): 294
  • 1992 (Rookie Season in Orlando): 301
  • 1999 (Lakers): 340
  • 2002 (Lakers): 380
  • 2003 (Lakers) 345
  • 2004 (Lakers): 370
  • 2005 (Heat): 320
  • 2010 (Celtics): 345
  • 2017 (TNT): 400
  • 2017 (Summer): 380



SHAQ VS VIDEOS (2008-2009)

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