(2005) Donyell Marshall Tied A NBA record With 12 3-Pointers…Off The Bench!

Donyell Marshall is just one of six players to ever rack up 10,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, 750 3-pointers and 750 blocks. The others on the list include Dirk, Sam Perkins, Scottie Pippen, Clifford Robinson and Rasheed Wallace. He was a player that seemed to be able to “do it all” but never became the star many, like me, thought the 4th pick of the 94 NBA Draft would become.

In his 11 NBA seasons with 9 teams, he never made an All-Star team and the only stat he almost led the league in was turnovers in 2004, while he was with the Raptors. But during his time in Toronto, he also had the game of his life, when he tied a NBA record with 12 3-pointers in a 128-110 win over Iverson and the 76ers. He was 12-of-19 from downtown and ended the night with a career-high 38 points…off the bench!

“We knew all about the record at halftime. I was trying to do everything I could to keep him pumped up,” Toronto’s Jalen Rose said. “I told him what the record was. I told him who had the old record and who broke it before that. And I told him near the end of the game, don’t get tired.”

The record holder was Kobe Bryant ,who made 12 3-pointers two seasons earlier (and would later drop 81 on Rose and the Raptors).

“The basket just looked humongous out there today,” Marshall said. “My teammates kept telling me to shoot it. They kept saying no matter what play we run we’re going to look for you in the corner.”

“You can’t give a great shooter like that open looks like that. It’s suicide,” Philadelphia’s Chris Webber said. “I told him in the first quarter if he gets those looks, he’d better go for the record and he did.”


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