50+ year old NY basketball legends take on kids half their age in Harlem

Once the unsuspecting ballers that tried to check Kyrie Irving in the Pepsi Uncle Drew ads found out they were playing an NBA All-Star just as young as they were, they felt pretty good about themselves.  But what if a bunch of young cocky ballers had to play non pro players twice their age?  How would they feel losing to a bunch of guys that really do look like their Dads and Uncles?

Centrum vitamins gathered a bunch of basketball vets like 55 year old coach Ron Naclerio, 53 year old Jack “Black Jack” Ryan, and 46 year old Anthony Heyward, better known to most as Half-Man Half-Amazing from the original And1 mixtapes, and asked them to play some young bloods earlier this month in Harlem, Here’s the amusing result.


Here’s also a couple vids of a few of the old timers proving that age ain’t nothing but a number…but I would have loved to have seen a video of those guys waking up the next morning.


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