5’10 Sir Issac Wins His 5th Straight Houston Rockets Blacktop Battle Dunk Contest

It’s called the annual Houston Rockets Blacktop Dunk Contest. It needs to be renamed the annual Sir Issac Show that takes place during H-Town’s best 3-on-3 tournament each year.

For the 5th straight time – would have been 6 but the event was rained out in 2015 – the 5’10 Sir Issac attended and easily won the event with head-at-the-rim dunks like this…



And like every year, the event had a pretty cool award for the champion. Last year it was a 6 foot trophy and this year it was a championship belt!

Shout out to Chrislord Templonuevo and the Rockets staff for putting on a great event every year and shout out to Caleb Dunn for the photos.



Now let’s take a look back at Issac’s past wins.