5’11 FSU Women’s Player Shakayla Thomas Throws Down A Dunk, Ready For A Beasley & Bacon Dunk-Off?

Damn! Shakayla Thomas dunked that with more authority than any dunk by Candace Parker during her contest win over JR and Josh Smith in the 2004 McDonalds Dunk Contest. And the FSU sophomore forward is only 5’11!

The video of Thomas is from a dunk session between her and 6’5 senior center Adut Bulgak after a recent practice.

“I had actually left the gym,” Coach Sue Semrau said. “I was sitting upstairs and heard some commotion that sounded like excitement. The excitement wasn’t for Shakayla, though. They were celebrating after Adut’s dunk. After that, some of the kids showed me the video of Shakayla.”

Now we just need a FSU dunk session with her, McDonalds Dunk contest winner Dwayane Bacon and fellow Ballislife All-American and skywalker Malik Beasley.

Source: Tallahassee.com