5’11 Keifer Sykes impresses Chris Paul with his 44.5 inch vert & variation of the self alley-oop windmill dunk

Players in this post:
Chris Paul Keifer Sykes

You can bring out a car with a Clipper star in it while a choir sings and still not have an impressive dunk.  Or you can just perfectly execute a “simple” change to a “common dunk” to create a crazy dunk that will impress any Clipper star.  That star is Chris Paul at his CP3 Elite Guard camp and that simple change up to a common dunk is catching a self alley-oop before it bounces, as oppose to letting it bounce and then catching it while the ball is rising up. The person who perfectly executed the dunk is 5’11 Keifer Sykes of University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Here’s a few more examples of Sykes and his 44.5 inch vert.

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