5’11” Sir Issac shuts down Shreveport LA MLK dunk contest

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First off the first 3 photos shown in this video are just awesome. I would love to know who took those ­čÖé

5’11” Issac White aka Sir Issac has had plenty of appearances on Ballislife over the years with his insane hops that we witnessed firsthand while on tour with him this past summer during the NBA Nation/Sprite Showdown tour. ┬áSince then, Issac has been busy killing every dunk contest he comes across in the south from Texas to┬áLouisiana (he’s the dunking Django)┬áincluding an Adidas dunk contest that took place during NBA All-Star weekend.

The video above is from the 2013 Shreveport MLK contest and Issac showed why he’s not just one of the best under 6 foot dunkers in the world he’s one of the best.

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