53-Year Old Charles Oakley Still Has Game & Is Still Taking Out Players

If you remember Charles Oakley back in 1987 then you probably remember when the King of New York broke Paul Mokeski's nose as a member of Michael Jordan's Bulls. You might also remember when Oakley was capable of putting up monster numbers like 26 points and 35 boards against the Cavs, which was followed up by 24 points and 21 boards against Boston's big 3 of Bird, Parish and McHale.

Who would of thought 30 years later, Oakley would still be grabbing boards, talking shit and dropping opponents to the ground in a NBA arena? On Sunday, at Staples center, the Big 3 coach suited up for the first time this season and played to a packed crowd full of celebrities, including Martin Lawrence, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and Dwyane Wade.

Although it wasn't intentional -- like the slap to Charles Barkley's face at a lockout meeting a decade ago -- Oakley did give us a throwback moment when he dropped Al Harrington to the floor with a slap to the face.