5’5 Porter Maberry dunk mix with between the legs dunk

There was a time (90s) when it was impressive if a person under 6 foot could dunk.  I don’t mean windmills and 360 dunks but just 1 and 2 hand stretch dunks.  During this time, the “little dunkers” in the NBA were guys like Kevin Johnson (6’1),  Robert Pack (6’2), Lindsey Hunter (6’2) and even John Starks at 6’3.  The only players in the league that were under 6’0 and would dunk were Terrell Brandon and Darrell Armstrong both at 5’11.

A few of them participated in the NBA dunk contest and only Robert Pack had a decent performance but it wasn’t enough to beat 6’5 JR Rider who pulled out the East Bay Funk Dunk/Between the legs for the first time for many basketball fans.  Barkley called it the best dunk ever, Nique went crazy, he got perfect scores and the dunk has been nicknamed the East Bay ever since.

A few years later, Kobe Bryant won a NBA dunk contest with the dunk and now 15 years later we have seen every creative variation of the East Bay from merging it with a 360 to jumping over 3 people blindfolded like Kenny Dobbs did in the Sprite Showdown earlier this year.  To make it even more impressive these dunks are being done by guys shorter and shorter from the Young Hollywoods to Sir Isaacs to T-Dubs that are a little under 6 foot.  With 6 no longer being the magic number, people were awaiting for another person at Spud Webb’s height of 5’7 to come along.  Enter Porter Maberry at 5’5!  He’s not only two inches shorter than Spud but he’s pulling off dunks that Spud couldn’t do and 1 foot taller guys were doing to win dunk contests in the 90s.

What we all want to see now is how well with Porter do in a dunk contest?




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