5’6 DeAndre Bray aka The Mosquito dunks over 6’8 guy

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For almost two decades we believed that there would never be another Spud Webb as in a person around 5’7 that could dunk.   Then in the last couple of years, “small people” have been coming out of the wood works throwing down reverse dunks, windmills and 360s.

First 5’9 Nate Robinson wins the dunk contest jumping over Dwight Howard (don’t mention the push).  Then 5’8 Air Nigeria starts throwing down 360 between the leg dunks and wins a Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contest in Denver.  Then freak of nature 5’5 Porter Maberry appears and makes LeBron jump out of the barber seat and God knows the last thing LeBron needs is for his barber to mess up his hairline.

Now here comes another shorty named DeAndre Bray aka The Mosquito.  He’s 5’6 and winning dunk contests by jumping over 6’8 guys that can put their elbow in the rim off a 360.  The above video shows Bray winning the contest at the 2012 Play It Forward Contest at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA. There’s a sign in the back that says “Welcome to the Dominique Wilkins Gym” and back in Nique’s day, 6’2 dunkers like Robert Pack and Kevin Johnson were known as little guys and if you could grab the rim at 5’10 you had a date for Prom.  Now barley 6 footers are doing every dunk in the A-Z book of dunks.

I don’t know. Maybe the release of The Hobbit inspired these guys or maybe rim grabbing giants like me that stand at 6’0 are just cavemen from the old school that’s becoming extinct.  The evolution of dunkers is a true wonder.

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