5’9 18 year old does an insane under both legs dunk!

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The dunk game is just getting too rediciulous.  Every year the dunkers get shorter and younger.  Back in the 90s it was inspirational to see a guy under 6 foot just dunk the ball.  It was equally as exciting to come across a teenager that could dunk.  Last week we came across 6’2 (Class of 2016!) Kwe Parker doing a 360 cradle dunk and today I came across a 5’9 18 year old who was able to pull off an under both legs dunk!

When I saw 6’3 Kenny Dobbs aka The Dunk Inventor do this dunk 4 years ago I thought that was as good as dunks were going to get.  A few other dunkers have pulled it off since, like 6’4 Justin Darlington, but nobody near 6 foot and under like Kroha. So all I can say is shout out to Kroha and i’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Oh, did I mention he was white too? I didn’t ask that to offend the easily offended who have no reason to be offended because Kroha is not offended but if you would have told anybody 20 years ago that one day a 5’9 teenage white kid would be doing dunks more difficult than anything Dr J, Jodan and JR Rider have ever done then they would have though you were higher than this kids vert.


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